SEEKER is an independent publisher of Music and Art.

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COMING IN 2008: Kuka minä olen? (SEEKER5) - a graphic novel with soundtrack music - TRAILER AVAILABLE HERE NOW!

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SEEKER NEWS 10.5.2008: Tyhjiö is a part of Museoiden Yö event in Pori 17th May.

SEEKER NEWS 11.2.2008: The release of Kuka minä olen? (SEEKER5) - the audiovisual graphic novel is delayed but it will be out in a few months... more news soon.

SEEKER NEWS 19.9.2007: Kuka minä olen? (SEEKER5) - the audiovisual graphic novel will be released in Autumn 2007!

SEEKER UPDATE 19.9.2007: Kuka minä olen? (SEEKER5) - trailer for the upcoming audiovisual graphic novel now available!

SEEKER UPDATE 23.4.2007: SEEKER now in MySpace!

SEEKER NEWS 21.8.2006: Tyhjiö goes interactive

SEEKER NEWS 12.8.2006: Tyhjiö on tour

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SEEKER products so far:

Lowlife Rock'n'roll Philosophers: Violent Calm CD 2006 (SEEKER4)

Tyhjiö Book+CD+DVD 2006 (SEEKER3)
- a multimedia story, in Finnish language

Lowlife Rock'n'roll Philosophers: Hiding Place CD 2004 (SEEKER2)

Moon Fog Prophet: I Crackle As I Grow vinyl EP 1997 (SEEKER1)

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All products are available and can be ordered by sending e-mail to:


Price list (including postage):
SEEKER4 15 euros, SEEKER3 45 euros, SEEKER2 15 euros, SEEKER1 10 euros